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OUTDOOR ARCHITECTURE has been operated by Jeffrey Johnson in the north metro Atlanta area since 1982.

The  process is a collaboration between the homeowner and myself as builder and designer. I bring 41 years of experience building beautiful structures, the last 31 focused primarily on those projects that help to connect a house to its surroundings. Those years have provided me a solid foundation of knowledge in the materials and methods of building, and the opportunity to exercise my design skills around a great variety of projects. My role is to help you make good decisions to match your budget with your dreams.

Design is of primary importance. The more effort spent considering the project beforehand, the more likely the result will be delightful. Whatever we build will cost thousands of dollars. Together we can make sure that that money is well spent.

The first step is to call me at 770-490-1511. We will find a time convenient for us to get together. Usually this is in the evening, when we can concentrate for an hour or more. At this time we thoroughly discuss your goals and budget, setting a direction for realizing your ideas.

The next step is design drawings. Based on our earlier meeting, I represent graphically my interpretation of your project, usually including a three dimensional representation. Along with these drawings is a proposal with all costs and materials detailed, including a time frame for construction. At this point, the project is only ink and paper. Changes are easily made to bring everything closer to ideal and budget.

There is no charge for the first home visit. The cost for any drawings depends on how many pictures are needed to truly describe everything. Very often I am able to do very simple sketches at no cost to allow me to present an accurate proposal. Sometimes it is useful to more clearly define the project with more complete drawings. For a project that will cost thousands to complete it is important to make sure that the design reflects how you will enjoy the finished product. These design fees can range from $400 to $1200 or more. These initial steps are part of the larger process. The final proposal amount is reduced by any early costs. 

Call me at 770-490-1511 so we can get started.